The 10th edition of the typical Swiss Easter race GP Mobiliar in Kiesen,

Bern, organized by the RSC Aaretal, will be remembered in RSA's history. 


Thanks to Fabian Paumann's personal performance, supported by a strong Swiss Racing Academy squad,

the early April bank holiday Monday will be, forever, the day of our first podium. 


Paumi took a moment to explain this special day.


For the team and for him. 

Fabian, nervous race, high pace, heavy competition - and a podium step. Tell us more about it. 


'' Indeed the race was fast straight from the start. With only 104 km it is also a short race, which makes it quite nervous.

Lots of attacks, many little groups tried to ride away, but we did our best to control them collectively and that worked quite well.


Until the second half of the race, the peloton managed to stick together and I could feel I was in a good day. I quickly had confirmation of my great legs when I won the first money prize sprint.


I had thought about attacking on that precise point when we were preparing our strategy earlier in the week and that's basically what I did. With the sprint done, I was still in a good position, taking distance from the riders chasing me, and I just pushed further.


Two riders finally joined me, we shared the effort well together and the three of us finished on the podium. The right group at the right moment.

Of course I would have preferred to climb higher than the 3rd step but in all honesty I knew both Jan (Freuler) and Franklin Archibold (winner of the day, from CMC Team) could be faster then me in the final sprint.


So, I'm happy with the result and the feeling of riding as a team was very satisfying, I owe a big part of my performance to my teammates. 

You come from mountain biking, we always wonder how the transition was made from mountain to asphalt, you don't miss dirt? 


No no, I can still hop on my mountain bike when ever I want to and find my good ol' trails again!

More seriously, I trained a lot on the road during the past two seasons. Somehow I've kind of lost the fun in the terrain during that period, results were also less regular and the idea of switching to road started to tickle me. I realized during the same period that I was performing better, but also enjoying more, longer races.


That was an additional point that led me to discuss with Pirmin (Lang) who has always been a training partner of mine.

He explained his vision, approach and goal with the Swiss Racing Academy, which was only still a project at the time, and I felt it could be a match. But he also challenged me with very precise questions and tests, to see if it was just an idea or a real objective.


And after a while, unlike many other structures which are often a bit afraid of taking such risk, or bet, he offered me a position in the team.

The ''new chapter'' effect was immediate, I was and still am over motivated and that gave me strength to pack in a solid winter training.

I hope I'll prove to Pirmin and my team this season and beyond that it was a good decision. I'm confident and I know what they can all do for me.


Our motto is ''one for all, all for one'' and this is exactly how I see my evolution in the team and on the road. ''

GP Mobiliar Ostermontag 2018  

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©All images courtesy of  Tam Berger for SRA

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