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The Swiss Racing Academy is a 100% Swiss academy and Elite cycling team. Its goal is to spot, accompany, form and protect the future generation of talents. Unlike most professional cycling teams, looking at commercial communication and short term results on races, the SRA is a long term social project, considering not only the evolution of its members on the sport side, but more globally wishing to optimize their approach of their studies, apprenticeship and personal lives too. 



We know it takes great legs and fitness to become a professional cyclist, but to be able to bring the best of their potential career, a well done head will be necessary too. 

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Pro cycling is a constantly evolving sport, sometimes thorn appart between the respect of its History and its need of change. The Swiss Racing Academy wishes to positioned itself within this evolution, by respecting the know-how and knowledge of the previous generations and hopefully bring its own touch to build the future of

Switzerland's younger talents. 


Future is now. And we stand as one to embrace it. 

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©Images courtesy of David Ranson / Tam Berger / Aline Krähemann for SRA

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